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About Orienteering

Orienteering is a sport that combines both a physical and a mental element. The basic idea in orienteering is to proceed from course start to finish by visiting a number of control points in a predetermined order with the help of map and compass. In order to choose the best possible route, orienteers look at the characteristics of the terrain, and the winner is determined by the fastest time to complete the course. What is unique to orienteering is that an orienteer must navigate and make quick decisions while running at high speed.
Orienteering is a low-cost sport suitable for both genders and all ages.


The sport of orienteering was first practised in the military but nowadays it features a variety of different formats ranging from the more traditional long distance forest races to the more recently developed city sprints. With the use of electronic punching and GPS tracking, orienteering has become a sport visible to the audiences with real time broadcasting on TV and the internet.
The Swedish Orienteering Federation has four official disciplines: foot (in Swedish orienteringslöpning), mountain bike, ski and trail orienteering (precisionsorientering in Swedish). The first foot and ski orienteering competitions are known to have been held as early as the 1890s. Mountain bike and trail orienteering are rather more recent formats that evolved during the last decades.

About Swedish orienteering

Welcome to and the Swedish Orienteering Federation. 
The Swedish Orienteering Federation have approximately 75000 members in 600 clubs. We have four dispcilines; foot-orienteering, ski-orienteering, mountainbikeorienteering and trail-orienteering.
In the meny to the left you find information about international events and our teams.

The material published at is in Swedish. Below there is a short translation guide.

At Börja orientera you will find information for beginners in orienteering, basic facts about map and compass as well as information for schools and how to find your nearest orienteering club.

Skogssport is the world-leading orienteering magazine. At the Skogssport homepage you will find teasers for the latest issue, advertising information and contact information to the editorial staff. Some previous articles are available for reading as PDF files.

Förening is a set of information for coaches and staff members of the orienteering club.

Butiken is a web shop offering orienteering literature (mostly in Swedish) as well as other orienteering products.

Historia is the place where you can find results from former orienteering events together with information about how it all started more than one hundred years ago.

Förbundsinfo contains information from the Swedish Orienteering Federation. If you are looking for contact information, most addresses can be found at the page Organisation. At the page Orienteringsförbundet you will find contact information related to the federation. If you are looking for a district or a local orienteering club, please try the search engine at Hitta organisation.

From the menu Välj orienteringsgren you find specific information related to the different disciplines foot orienteering (orienteringslöpning), ski orienteering (skidorientering), mountainbike orienteering (mountainbikeorientering) and trail orienteering (precisionsorientering).

At the page called Landslaget you will find facts about all members of the Swedish National Team. You can also read about the schedule and organization of the teams.

From the menu Gå direkt till you can finds links to the sites Eventor, which is the calendar for Swedish events, Hitta organisation - the search engine if you are looking for a district or a local orienteering club, Naturpasset, the commitment from the Swedish Orienteering Federation aiming at providing easy access to orienteering, but without the element of competition. Naturpasset is a map with several posts you can visit anytime you like. If you are about to visit Sweden this might be a good way of training, Skola, has information for schools ,Skogsäventyret is a school project that aims to teach orienteering to children around the age of ten, O-Ringen - the famous Swedish 5-day competition in July - has its own website, Motionsorientering and Skogssportens Gynnare.


For further information, please contact Mathias Karlsson, 
Communications Manager, This is a mailto link

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